Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine my sexual orientation and gender identity?

We may not have an explicit way of determining sexual orientation or gender identity. According to experts, it is complicated genetic, biological, social, and psychological aspects. For a majority of people, sexual orientation and gender identity are shaped at an early stage in life. 

Can I change my sexual orientation or gender identity if I am gay?

No, and you do not have to worry about changing who you are. Some religious and secular organizations have sponsored campaigns and research claiming LGBT people can change their gender identity or sexual orientation. However, science has identified that this is not possible. At LGBT Science, we believe our policies, laws, and attitudes towards LGBT people need to change. 

Why do gay people use the rainbow flag as their symbol?

The rainbow flag was first proposed in 1978 as a gay symbol as has since been used to represent the colorful diversity, optimism, and strengths of the LGBT people. Gilbert Baker introduced the symbol.