About US


LGBT Science fights for the human rights of the LGBT community everywhere. We work in collaboration with other agencies, human rights groups, and corporate to research, document, defend, and advance LGBT rights in society. 

We are a non-profit organization with staff working alongside the LGBT community towards creating a lasting change. 

LGBT Science has the presence to advocate for the progress of the LGBT community. We have a massive presence in the human rights fight and strive to hold consultative status with various stakeholders to bring to light the concerns of the LGBT people. 

LGBT Science works at all levels to research, document, report, and advance human rights for LGBT people. We collaborate with human rights organizations, agencies, and the corporate sector to offer reliable data on the experiences of LGBT people. We also support research-based advocacy and capacity-building to promote the well-being of LGBT people. 

What We Do

LGBT Science works on a scale. Our work is to advocate for and influence change at all levels for the well-being of the LGBT community. We identify our task as the spectrum influence. To bind our communities and make all-accepting, we work to ensure LGBT rights are integrated at every level of the spectrum. LGBT Science’s value lies within our ability and commitment to connecting with different partners to push the LGBT agenda for change. 

We join other organizations to fill the gap, offer training to communities, and engage major stakeholders to influence change and provide insights on best practices relating to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. 

LGBT Science monitors, researches, and reports the discriminatory conditions facing the LGBT community to spur action. 


We collaborate with activists to develop and extend advocacy capacity for LGBT people. 


We train communities on methods and strategies for documenting and advocating for LGBT rights. 


We share knowledge, cultural media, and other LGBT-related information to inspire change. 


Our mission at LGBT Science is to advocate for and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion related to LGBT people by offering support and educational materials to develop our communities. 


Our vision at LGBT Science is to create a safe and affirming space for the LGBT community. We envision a world where all people are celebrated, respected, and inspired for their identity, especially sexual orientations, gender expression, and gender identity. We are committed to working on being an integral part of the community’s transformative role in the fight to foster cultural inclusion for a conducive environment for all people.