Is Woodworking Also For LGBT?

Woodworking is the art of making items in wood like a cabinet, furniture, frames and many others that can be made from wood. It includes wood carvings which can create sculptures. In ancient histories like in ancient Egypt, ancient China and Rome, woodworking was already practiced and most of their furniture has been preserved up to this day.

Woodworking is not for everybody, it is an occupation that needs skills and expertise. To be a great woodworker you need to be patient and understand the different kinds of woods and the art of cutting each type of wood or lumber. You also need to know the various tools needed and how to use these tools to come up with a perfect piece. I call woodworking as art because you have to create in your mind the design and the sculpture that you have to envision and make it a reality, a piece. And that is the expertise. There are qualifications and skills to master woodworking and these are the following:
• Understanding the various tools that are used in woodworking.
• You must have the ability to understand drawings or architectural drawings.
• You must have the ability how to operate the machines that are used in woodworking.
• You must know how to prepare and set up the machines.
• You must have an understanding and familiarity with the materials that are being used in finishing like paint and the like.
• Understanding the measurements because the woodworker calculates in arithmetic, geometry, calculus and another type of measuring the materials. • Understanding different cuts of woods.
• You must be physically fit and mentally sound to do the job.

I truly believed you can succeed and become a master in woodworking if you passion what you are doing. Formal education is helpful, however with a fast-growing technology, everything is being made simple just knowhow of operating the machines. As long as you are capable with the right skills you can be a qualified woodworker and no discrimination for LGBT. It does not matter what is your standing in the society as long you are capable to do the job effectively and can work with passion, they have the right. LGBT can be a good artist too. Some of them have a good creative mind.

There are so many tools used in woodworking. These tools work almost similar but the knowledge of the tools is a great advantage for aspiring woodworkers. One must know which one is good to use let’s say the drum sander vs planer on a certain situation.

The above-mentioned qualifications and skills to be a good woodworker did not include any specifications on gender or sex. Woodworking is indeed for everyone who can master those skills. People who belong in the LGBT community are very welcome in the woodworking industry because woodworking does not discriminate any gender.