Equal Rights for LGBT Toilet Use

Rights are an important aspect in every day’s people’s activities. People will always feel free and happy when they know that they are entitled to some rights that favors their general lifestyle and the steps that they make in life.

However, it is very discouraging and dangerous if the rights of individuals are not clearly outlined for them to understand and learn about them. Living in an environment that is restricted to some rules without stating the legal rights of its occupants is not good. It’s, therefore, the role and responsibility of all people to fight for their rights in order to enjoy living.

Advocates should always be ready and on the forefront to advocate for equal rights to all.

Getting access to equal rights affects a number of individuals and in particular the LGBT individuals. People fall into different categories either because of nature or what they love. The gays, lesbians, bisexuals and the transgender individuals are the people who face a great challenge when it comes to their rights especially the rights to access and use the toilets.
Many incidences have been reported where the LGBT people are facing discrimination and when it comes to toilet usage. To them, choosing a toilet of their choice is a great problem that requires to be addressed since in most places for example when it comes to using the public toilets, they are not allowed to use them and are send away or advice to go for alternative solutions which don’t help them. As a result most of them end up facing desperation and suffering.

In other circumstances, transgender individuals are being forced to use the toilets basing on the gender identity that was assigned to them at birth. The gender status of most of these individuals differs from who they really are.

In that case there is need for them to be allowed to go for the choice that really suits them.

Nevertheless, they are more exposed to harassment after meeting individuals with normal life status in the toilets. Some are ordered to wait until others have finished sorting themselves before they can be served. Basing on institutions like the schools and even working places, most of the LGBT individuals are even bullied with their colleagues. Such acts inflict permanent and damaging wounds to these victim’s hearts. Some of them eventually decide to commit suicide or rather harm those who violate them in order to get the peace they want.

Low flow flushing toilets should be introduced to nearly all sectors because they serve various benefits. For economical options and reduce the waste from flushing toilets, the low flush toilets are very effective. They are easy to clean and all the users are safeguarded from the effects of germs and diseases.

Emphasis should be directed towards the provision and implementation of equal rights for LGBT toilet use for the purpose of ensuring the rights of all individuals are catered for in order for them to leave in harmony. Rights should favour all the parties so that they can get the freedom of enjoying them.